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Originally Posted by StreetAngel95 View Post
Apologies in advance if this gets rambly or whatever, bUT:

I was at the Classic a few weeks ago, and one of my favorite music critics Bob Lefsetz wrote an awesome review of the performance. Presciently he writes:

Frey's passing last year made me realize that my time with my favorite music was approaching its end. At the Classic I couldn't help but break down. There I was, surrounded by tens of thousands of people, singing along to the songs that have defined generations.

If I'm being honest, I don't think we can expect new music. Buckingham McVie is a gorgeous body of work, and if it ends there, I think that they as well as Stevie, would be content. No need to force something that isn't organic as Liddy would say. These are five human beings, seasoned musicians, with families and more of their lives behind them than ahead. Our fireflies have been through hell and back, and I swear there were times after SYW, and then after Unleashed tour that I thought that was the end. I can't help but be thankful that they've made it this far, still willing to let us experience this magnificent band.

There will never be anything again like Fleetwood Mac. They've more than earned their right to fade in whatever way they choose, with all of us supportive as ever, making sure their legacy lives on as the music lives on. One day I'll get to tell my children I was alive when Fleetwood Mac was making music and that alone is freaking awesome.

And Gregg Allman died the day before Steve's birthday. He was 69. An entire generation of musical greats are dying. One day we'll look back and say we lived in the FM Age. You'll tell your kids, I'll tell anyone who'll listen!

I work with a lady who is a Doors fanatic. We've had zillions of conversations about how she never got to see Jim Morrison live. He's dead so buying anything autographed is financially impossible. I can't tell you how my heart breaks for her. Her family refers to me as the "FM lady at work". Sometimes I feel bad talking about BuckVie or the September Stevie show at Ravinia. I totally understand how you broke down at the show. Every time I see some form of FM I wonder if it will be my last.
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