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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post

One of McVie’s solo tunes, “Carnival Begin,” is a bluesy piece reminiscent of pre-Buckingham/Nicks Fleetwood Mac.

“That actually was a song about Fleetwood Mac, about my journey returning into the band,” the singer-keyboardist said. “It’s my ode to the rest of the band.”


McVie is confident there will be a Fleetwood Mac tour in 2018.

“We’re all set for April/May rehearsals. We’ll kick off in July for a year,” she said. “Yeah, another tour.”

Will there be another Mac album? The quintet’s last studio project, “Say You Will,” came out in 2003. (McVie played on two songs.)

“I can’t say yea and I can’t say nay because nobody knows. Not even the band,” McVie said. “One could certainly hope. One of the issues is the time to do it. There are other things like whether Lindsey and Stevie want to work together again in the studio, I don’t know.”

Speaking of Buckingham, why is it that Mr. Fussy never looks happy in any of the publicity photos for the Buckingham/McVie project?

“He never smiles,” McVie observed. “I could show you photos on my phone and tons of pictures of Lindsey smiling. I’ve got shots of Lindsey laughing, but he doesn’t like them. He likes to have that very sullen look. He just likes to look gaunt. He smiles onstage. Don’t worry.”

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Thanks for sharing, TheWildHeart67!

Okay, this may be an ignorant statement, but did they talk about "Carnival Begin" for the press during the first leg of the tour/album release? If not, I'm very happy that they are mentioning it. Like others who have expressed their sentiments about it, I would love to hear it live one of these days. I didn't notice the LB backing vocals on the song until about a couple months ago, which is one of the reasons why I like his work, since sometimes, I could hear things that I didn't notice before.

Ah, April/May rehearsals, hmm. I wonder if it would be feasible for LB to release the solo album in January and then hopefully tour for January, February, and maybe a little in March.

Lol, Gift of Screws demos Christine for Say You Will. I'm glad that the interviewer mentioned her involvement in that album. What I like more about the GOS Steal Your Heart Away is that I can hear the keys more and the ending vocals where it's Stevie-less. I don't know I just don't think they added anything, and I prefer Lindsey's.

The ending smile comment is funny as to why the LB CM cover looks so humorless and as if he doesn't give a crap. I really wished that they used their pictures from the back cover of the album w/ the track list for the 2nd leg shirts.
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