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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
I'd love to know what Lindsey remembers and what he doesn't. Like I'd love to ask him about a song that's not from Rumours that he hasn't thought about in decades and see what he actually remembers about it. I think he has a pretty good memory of his and Stevie's Tusk songs, but the White album, BN . . . and what about his coffee plant songs? Certainly, he must have some demos from back in those days. Instrumentals. We just have never had them leaked.

I wish someone good would do an in depth interview with him on obscure matters. To tell the truth, I was shocked about Mick's Playboy interview. I didn't know he was high profile enough to get one. Now that it's clear he is, I would love for Lindsey to have one. I'm not even a Beatles fans, but I cherished those respective interviews Lennon and McCartney did with Playboy, especially when they were asked about each other's songs. To have something like that for Lindsey would be incredible. Heck, they can even ask Lindsey about Strawberry Fields Forever, for all I care. That'll work.

yeah, an interview where he can't just give canned responses. and i think he would talk if asked the right questions.

you know, and i said that before, that's why i love these m&gs. you get to ask him questions that *you* always wanted to know but nobody's asking him. although most of the time i end up throwing various requests at him instead of asking what i would like to know...

that second night in Chicago i wanted to ask him why does he like speeding up / making his voice high / thin on recordings when his real voice sounds so good now when it's mature and fuller... hoping that maybe he'd stop artificially thinning his voice so much if he hears that type of opinion every now and then. but then he did WATL - and all other thoughts went out the window!
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