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Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
I loooooove Thrown Down. It's my favorite song of hers from this century. I also really liked Goodbye Baby.

I think it's that a lot of her songs were about her intense love affairs and all that stuff which she hasn't had in a long time so she can't write that same way anymore. I remember on one interview for the EP she commented how she can't write a song like Without You ever again because she doesn't know what it's like to be in love like that anymore.
But she still has so many old poems she could dig out so I don't think it's a matter of not having songs. And you made a good point, I feel like she could've written some great stuff after her mother died because it was such a huge loss for her.
and, frankly, the Lindsey-produced version is better than the other (I'm blanking but think it was produced by Sheryl Crow)
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