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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
True, but I just included those two songs because they were recorded by that particular incarnation of the band. I would also include Paper Doll. Maybe even Love Shines, and Heart of Stone, even though Stevie wasn't on them.
Paper Doll ended up on "25 Years – The Chain" 4-CD box set. Wikipedia states that it's a new song, which would mean that it was recorded in 1992. It was however co-written by Nicks, Vito and someone called John Herron. Both Billy Burnette and Rick Vito play on this track.

Love Shines and Heart Of Stone are also listed as new songs on "25 Years – The Chain". Only Billy Burnette plays on Love Shines. I can't find any info on who played on Heart Of Stone.

It is possible that these tracks were actually recorded during the Behind The Mask sessions and were passed off as new tracks when "25 Years – The Chain" was released, seeing as they were previously unreleased and only recorded two years previously.
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