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I have atleast one FML moment a day, so this is where I will share them with my Ledgie friends.

Today, my boyfriend told me we needed to talk. Those four words together in a ny way, shape, or form almost never means something good, so I started freaking out.

BF: What's going on with you and that new guy?! You hang around him more than you hang around me. If there's anything serious going on, I want you to tell me now.


BF: ...What?


BF: -angrysadface-

Me: That's my cousin remember!?!?!?

BF: ....Oh.

Me: I guess you weren't listening all those times I was telling you about him coming to our school... wait, weren't you listening when I introduced him to you!?!!?

BF: ....

I then proceeded to give him one of those hugs where you leap into the person who's going to catch you's arms. (Which is quite hard because he's 6 foot something and I'm on the low end of 5, yet taller than Stevie minus platform boots.)

I know a lot of you will be thinking that he's a bad boyfriend and stuff, but he's really not. When you ramble as much as I do, it's hard to find anyone to listen to you! (Besides, my dad does this to my mom all the time! )


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