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It’s funny to me, that every time I am in crisis mode of any sort in my life…I always gravitate back to the music and poetry of Stevie Nicks. It’s like…somewhere in what she writes…I find ME…that part of me that longs, that yearns, that dreams, that WANTS to reach for me. And yet that girl…that young girl…she’s buried so deep within me that I can’t REACH her anymore. I feel myself stretching my arms to her and trying desperately to grab hold of her hands, but she won’t reach BACK to me. She just sits there…a semi-blank stare on her face. The only emotion I see there is sorrow, and she’s looking sadly at me as though I have betrayed her and she no longer trusts me. I promised her so many things throughout the course of our life, and I never made good on the promises. And now…she resents me, a little, and grieves…a lot. And she is far too fearful of more heartache to reach back to me. But she sits and listens to Stevie too. And I hear her humming…she’s still hungry…she still wants more, but she doesn’t trust ME to feed her.
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