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Default I don't know what the eff this is all about...

Interview Project by David Lynch is an online series of interviews with Americans from different walks of life, in various towns and cities all over America. Beginning October 20, the project will launch a community blog, incorporating Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, so fans will be able to upload their own original content.

Austin Lynch (David’s son) and a friend set out on a roadtrip across America and back to get the people’s story from everyday Americans. They covered 20,000 miles in 70 days and got stories that are notable for the fact they are real, organic and unrehearsed. Production wise, they have the unmistakable Lynch feel, you keep looking for something that may be hidden. I watched 4 of the interviews and enjoyed spotting the Lynch symbols – close ups of flowers, bird chirps, etc. It will be fun to get to see how the conversations flow once the blog opens up a richer dialogue.

The blog launch will coincide with the premiere of the Clinton interview, a Fayetteville, WV man who finds salvation through a Stevie Nicks concert. For laughs, check out Lynch below NSFW (language) talking about watching movies on iPhones.
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