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The Henri David Halloween Ball
Posted by Mike | 2:51 PM | Best of Philly, Special Events

Changes are you've been to your fair share of Halloween parties over the years but never one like this.

It was 1968 when an eccentric 22-year old Philadelphia man named Henri David decided to throw a Halloween bash for 300 of his friends.

More than 40 years later, David is one of Philadelphia's most successful jewelers, with a client list that includes Stevie Nicks and Elton John.

His annual extravaganza attracts upward of 4,000 costumed revelers, including some of the city's most open-minded socialites - and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who hasn't missed a ball in 13 years.

Expect a truly outlandish costumes (David's three costumes are a closely guarded secret), lots of drinking and dancing and (late) night you will never forget.

Oct 31st. Center City Sheraton; 215-732-7711 for tickets
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