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1) I love watching the coked out Stevie - would've loved to have hung around with her then, I think she was alot of fun back then

2) I love the wavy, curly hair - HATE this straight stuff, I think it makes her look older

3) I think she and Mick are seen so much together as of late because they still have a thing for each other and would love to "be together" now but can't because he's married - he was always back stage with her during SYW after the shows - he will always be the love of her life

4) I think she still loves Lindsey but isn't in love with him, I think that ended when he screwed up during The Dance

5) I don't like the shoulder pads/bustier outfits

6) I too think she doesn't understand what "hard work" is compared to the average person, we don't have personal assistants to do everything for us, etc.

7) I think TISL would've been better without Sheryl's influence, some of the songs I just don't like AT ALL, don't think it was her best work yet, in fact I wish she'd write more like BellaDonna and WH, RAL, etc.; although loved SYW

8) She's had some kind of minor work done face-wise, she looks just too incredible!

9) When she asked at one of the SYW concerts for the people to quit smoking at the front because the smoke was bothering her, it was because she wanted a smoke so bad herself

10) Karen has too much power over Stevie and Stevie needs to think and act for herself - tell Karen to take a hike most of the time

11) still smokes a little weed now and then

12) she really knows what her songs are about but won't tell, EVER - they're a secret

13) she really doesn't want to have a serious relationship with a man finally, no matter what she says because she likes her freedom

this is an awesome thread!
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