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wow great thread idea.
answering totally honestly without having read all the replies
please don't flame me

1 - Street Angel is Stevie's best solo album. (see point 11)

2 - SYW is my favorite Mac CD and Stevie's songs are IMO her best work in a long long time though i do think if Lindsey had had more time they would have been even better.

3 - I think Stevie & Lindsey totally still have a thing going on

4 - I prefer current Rhiannon to old school versions

5 - I HATE Leather & Lace & Landslide (unless LS is live)

6 - I think Stevie still smokes pot

7 - Coked out or not I think RAL is Stevie's BEST tour & I don't really like anything Stevie pre Rock a Little.

8 - I really really love Docklands & I don't care that she didn't write it.

9 - ditto per Ghost_Tracker's comment I feel Stevie totally lies about what Edge means and 99% of her other songs

10 - EFO is about S&L not Chris & Lindsey

11 - TISL is not Stevie's work-of-art! & would have been better with the outtakes that didn't make the album and had absolutely NONE of Sheryl's influence

12 - Stevie's confusion & choice of tense in songs PISSES ME OFF. i don't care that it has to sound a certain's not proper english. And I have an english major so it REALLY annoys me. I hate to diss my beloved Street Angel but a prime example: 'When you pull me through the rainbow/I thought you'd stop' that does NOT make sense i don't care how you look at it. I know given the context you can break it up several ways but that line annoys me badly.

13 - I don't doubt for a SECOND that Stevie doesn't know the meaning to every single one of her songs. I think she knows EXACTLY. word for word.

14 - Her Tango songs KICK ASS! Especially Welcome to the Room...Sara.

15 - WISYA i think is a seriously seriously intense song. That is really depressing as ****.

16 - Speaking of Tango.....I think Stevie got hooked on Klonopin coz Linds left the band.

17 - She did cocaine because she liked it

18 - She is way hotter now......and gets more so as she gets older.

19 - any guy Stevie claims to have been seeing {in the past 20 years} is in her imagination. her last 'serious' relationship was during The Dance.............

20 - Stevie is a total drama queen.
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