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Originally Posted by goldustsongbird
Sometimes I think she just writes whatever comes to mind, not bothering to check whether it makes sense or not. I know she's known for her songwriting, but sometimes *she* doesn't even know what she wrote about. For example, with Gold Dust Woman... first she said it was about groupie-type ladies, then admitted it was about drugs and stuck with that for awhile. But then in that interview (I think) with Courtney Love, she said that it couldn't possibly have been all about drugs, and that she would have to go through her journals to find out what it was about.


I just find it odd that she should not know what she wrote and sang with so much passion.

Same goes for confusing tenses (the bright light is lying down / earth and the sea and the sky / is at rest with the ocean...) and the like.
props! grammar karma for you :P

my unpopular stevie opinion is that she is not a survivor and she's not a victim of modern psychiatry.
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