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Here is my unpopular opinion...probably very unpopular, and perhaps more fact than opinion. To wit: Stevie Nicks was a cocaine and sex junkie. Note I said "was". I talking about the 1976 through 1987 time period. I think after Betty Ford Stevie is a totally changed person.

We already know the first part is true and Stevie has talked about the wild parties and it also was written about in the tabloids back in the 80's. I'm old enough to have read this first hand. Of course not everything in the tabloids is true (or even most of it). Somebody at a another forum, may have been this one, once described some "encounter" Stevie had on top a speaker on stage behind the curtains. OK I guess you can excuse it all away and say she was a big time rock star and all that goes with it.

Someone tell me I'm crazy and it's just not true. I sure would like to believe you.
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