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Originally Posted by NurseDJackson View Post
Royalties would be generated if songs were issued as singles, used in commercials/movie, another artist covered them, etc. So there's earning potential even if a song isn't released. I think in the cases of the songs mentioned, that Nicks designated any potential money they would generate to whomever else. I have no idea how that'd work, like if there's registration with various entities (label, her own publishing, etc) and/or if payment comes from those places, etc...

I'm not at all sure, though, just a vague memory of reading that those songs were special to Nicks because she wanted others to get the money from them. I specifically remember reading once that Nicks was in part upset about Silver Springs because she called it her mother's song and said any $ from it would go to her. I could be misremembering...absolutely I could.
Royalties from SS were set up to go to her mother.
Royalties from Beautiful Child were to go to a UN child thing...

Here it is. It was for UNICEF, Year of the Child.

It was discussed on here in this thread:
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