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Originally Posted by NurseDJackson View Post
Plus, even if it's as simple as being an SN/LB co-write, removing him from that helps with the whole "we never wrote together and I was jealous that CMcV and LB were writing together"... bc we all know they certainly did co-write Frozen Love.
Another great post! Regarding your comment about Stevie's jealousy regarding Lindsey and Christine co-writing World Turning- at least I think that was the song, I'm going by memory here- even though she and Lindsey had co-written Frozen Love. I always assumed her jealousy may have stemmed from the fact that any song she and Lindsey might have written together was more of a give and take type, where maybe she wrote something, then he gave it back to her with a verse, and back and forth, whereas maybe with Lindsey and Christine, since they both played musical instruments, they were actually able to collaborate together on a song. Does that make sense? That would explain why Stevie expressed jealousy, because the process she and Lindsey used to co-write would therefore have inherently been different from the process Lindsey and Christine used. Just a thought.
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