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Originally Posted by AncientQueen View Post
Google "Jimmy Page and Lori Maddox" and tell me again that adding him to FM would be a good idea. I mean, all the big Rock'n Roll bands had their share of underage Groupies, but Jimmy Page is one of the worst offenders (besides David Bowie, Steven Tyler and (this Rolling Stones bass-player who was so boring that his name escapes me all the time) Bill Wymann). Robert Plant is not available because he is busy with his own projects, he does not sit around waiting for a gig.

I for one never said it would be a good idea....and I certainly do not know him or about him well enough to pass judgement on his behaviour with underage groupies. All I personally said is that I think there's a good chance he'd have taken the gig if he'd been offered it. I'm not sure Steve suggested it as a good idea either- again, I just think he said he'd have been available and there's a decent chance he'd have said yes.

Fleetwood Mac are far more 'pop' than Led Zeppelin... but Jimmy Page can turn his hand to anything. And its a job. And it would have been a middle finger to RP.

'Where words fail, music speaks'
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