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Billboard says odds are 3-2 that Stevie will be inducted into Rock Hall

On some level, the question seems utterly ridiculous: Is Stevie Nicks a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer? Of course she is. She's one of the most iconic and worshipped rock stars in the history of the genre, a status that only seems to swell with each passing decade, year, month. But, well, is she a Hall of Famer strictly as a solo artist? That's a little trickier. Nicks has her share of beloved solo hits, but not as many as she had as part of Fleetwood Mac -- with whom she's already been inducted -- and she's had some best-selling albums, but none near the level of Mac's self-titled or Rumours.

T​​aken strictly on its own merits, Nicks' solo Hall of Fame case would probably look something like that of '80s peer Pat Benatar, who's been eligible for 14 years and never nominated. But Nicks' blinding overall star power may very likely render that distinction irrelevant, and it wouldn't be the first time; after all, Ringo is in there as a solo artist too.

Odds: 3 to 2
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