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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
3. She doesn't try hard enough as a keyboard player. The moments when she distinguishes herself reveal her to be a VERY effective player, someone who has a genuine feel for texture and rhythm. So it's frustrating when she doesn't extend herself beyond her comfort zone.
Agreed with this wholeheartedly. I started a thread a while back to see if anyone could come up with any songs where her keys really shine and there weren't many people could name, with some of those being a reach for sure. Her comfort zone is definitely in the rhythm section (Dreams, Smile at You, Nights in Estoril, etc.)

I think the only songs where she truly shines as an individual player are on Sara, If You Were My Love, Crystal, Never Forget, Hold Me, and maybe a few others. Really though her keyboard playing is usually buried in the mix and really comes out live (I'm So Afraid, Rhiannon)
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