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For what it is worth she is a well selling artist who has made a solid solo career for herself, even through her highs and lows. The nomination is well deserved for her efforts.

You guys need to seriously stop with this anti-Stevie bashing and rhetoric. We have heard the opinions and you choose to continue to be bitter towards her. I have never seen a group of individuals on a forum so nasty and vile towards an artist who literally owes you nothing just because you paid for music and concerts over the years. That is your problem. You chose to buy the music. You chose to see her in concert. To think that she owes you something is just an inflammation of your own ego and self entitlement.

Whatever her reasons or motives of decisions made in her life, we should be grateful for what she has given us over the years.

And I am sure this post will get some snarky response and all I got to say to that is, oh well.
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