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Wow sorry that my use of the word alarming upset you so much. In comparison to how her voice sounded on the 24KG tour it sounded very thin and weak when performing Gypsy on Ellen . We all know that she has lost range over the years but she still seemed to have power. Her singing ( if you can call it that ) on Ellen did not have power and so yes that was kind of shocking or "alarming to me. Maybe it was just bad sound on the show or so we can hope. I too saw Stevie many times in Fleetwood Mac's prime and her peak solo years and will always treasure those memories and I will still listen to the music created then .I am not happy about the person that she has become however .The girl who wrote all those incredible and magical songs seems to have disappeared.
Your use of the word alarmed didn't upset me.
I find all this very amusing, actually.
Have fun
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