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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
As usual, threads on the Ledge go OT and revert to the Stevie VS Lindsey arguing, put downs and not on topic with the thread's subject.
But I will go ahead and say, I LOVED SYW all the way through. Stevie's songs were fantastic, and so were Lindsey's. The only song I usually skip is "Come."
Apparently that song is about his break-up with Anne Heche.
I really love "Say Goodbye," especially the live version. I LOVE the SYW Tour's double DVD concert,that originally aired on Soundstage.
I also attended the tour in Los Angeles in 12th row, at the Staples Center, and it was a hell of a great concert.
Back on topic though, I'm looking forward to her AHS scenes and the new theme song.
Cool! Well, it looks like she wore that godawful sailor jacket she’s sporting nowadays...

Someone knows what songs they did! One more day...
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