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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
The answer is: No one knows. I just watched Lindsey's behind the music that was filmed right after Out of the Cradle tour. That album had the best reviews with some saying it was one of the best albums EVER. Clearly that album could have had several radio hits. Lindsey admitted himself that he found it frustrating that his creative hit production that worked so well with the Mac did not work in his solo career. Out of the cradle and the tour were not successful which really hurt Lindsey and he openly admitted that. Everyone knows who Stevie Nicks is even before she went solo. Not many know who Lindsey is. He does have great songs that could have been hits but I don't think there is an explanation why his solo career is not commercially successful.
But its not just Lindsey. Same situation with the Go-Gos. Belinda was the least talented while Jane Wiedlin wrote most of the songs and music of all the hits of the Go Gos. Belinda had a more successful solo career than even the Go Gos. Jane opened stated how frustrated she was that her solo career went nowhere even though she was the magic behind all of the Go Go's success.
There is no answer to this question. IMHO the lack of success as a solo artist is why Lindsey went back to the band in 1997 and stayed there. If he had a successful solo career, I don't think he would have went back.
He did take over several FM albums, namely TITN and SYW, loading them with his solo things that wouldn't sell otherwise. Even The Dance is quite Lindsey solo-ish in parts. And Buck McVie is about half Lindsey solo. He seems to like producing everything for FM and packing their albums with solo work.

Very little of what he has done has had any commercial success at all, really, except the girls' songs which he produced. Something about his writing, his singing, his whole persona on record and on stage is, well, off-putting.

I remember well listening to TITN with friends and seeing faces pucker when Lindsey's songs came on.
I give up.
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