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Originally Posted by The Chain View Post
Oh, I hear them all the time..Gypsy, Everywhere, Dreams.. .. oh wait, I get it, you were only counting songs he wrote/sung himself (Go Your Own Way), not Stevie or Chris's ok-to-good songs he took to stratospheric greatness or flat out saved from being plodding drivel
I know I'll get roasted for this, even though it's a genuinely sincere question, but I would love an actual adult conversation about this: why is it that Lindsey's songs, with FM and solo, aren't hit singles? Go Your Own Way, Tusk, Big Love, and Trouble are the only hit songs he's written and performed. To this day, I'm confused as to why Holiday Road only peaked at #82, I think. It gets more airplay today than Trouble, certainly.

With FM, is it because more of his songs weren't actually released as singles? Monday Morning seemed like an obvious single, and so did Second Hand News. I think those two songs would have been hits, so why weren't they released?

Solo songs, after Trouble, Lindsey never seemed to get radio airplay. In fact, the radio would play Big Love by FM, but I always suspected if it had been a solo record, it would have been ignored by radio. Always seemed weird to me. Anybody have any theories. And can we keep it polite, with no snarky comments on either side?
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