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Originally Posted by BombaySapphire3 View Post
My guess is that Stevie wanted him out for quite awhile she just had to wait until her own stock was high enough. She had recently sold out arenas in a solo tour and has been able to up her brand in pop culture in recent years. She just lay in wait for an excuse no matter how petty to demand his ouster from Fleetwood Mac.
Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
Unfortunately, I agree. She has been waiting for the perfect opportunity for years. They don't need him anymore. Doesn't have to deal with him anymore. A very business-like decision. Because that's all this people care.

And please, spare me the "they're all friends with each other but Lindsey" speech. Christine is friends with Jenny Boyd, not with Stevie Nicks. She just tolerates her. Same goes with John, and Mick. Brits may be friends with each other but not with Stevie.

yes, this was my first comment on here when all this broke.... "revenge is a dish best served cold". She's been waiting for a long time. Who knows, this might have even been part of her strategy in refusing to record. Nothing would surprise me with this toxic bunch.
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