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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
This whole "it takes two guys to replace Lindsey thing" is just hype.
I agree with David. From 1987 to last year, the two guitarist thing was just a slogan, empty of actual meaning. Neither Rick nor Billy nor Dave (Mason) nor Mike was specifically hired to robotically duplicate Lindsey either as guitarist or as a singer. They were all hired to play guitar and sing. That involved learning the Fleetwood catalogue and trying to play the recognizable parts recognizably, but not slavishly parroting every single subtle lick on the original OR using the same gear. I think all these guitarists were encouraged to be themselves — but to recognize that they were now part of a hugely popular band with a massive audience.

In songs like The Chain or World Turning, played live in 1987, Rick didn’t duplicate Lindsey’s Travis style at all. He just played the songs his way. Guy had his own style and he used it in Fleetwood Mac, but he still respected the audience enough to deliver the overall song. (I mean, he didn’t start remodulating Go Your Own Way or adding sitar or slap bass to it.)
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