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Originally Posted by Nicks Fan View Post
The problem with FM is that for decades they have mainly played it safe with respect to the set lists. The people who were saying Lindsey stopped them from playing pre 75 material made me laugh. If that was the case then why for 10 years (87-97) did they only do a a total of 4 PG era songs during the 3 tours they did without Lindsey. They were fine doing cover songs from Traffic, Dorsey Burnette, SN, John Lennon etc but couldn't do a single Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer or Bob Welch song?

This last tour was pointless. I mean what was the point? They had ZERO reason to be on tour if they were not going to do new music or drop most of the tried and true in their show. Most of the deep cuts were dropped once they saw the reactions from the casual fans. Plus the Tom Petty cover and tribute has to be one of the dumbest things FM ever did ( and they have done some pretty stupid things over the years). Tom Petty was someone I respected and was an idol of mine, but he had NOTHING to do with FM. The band is is now 50 plus years old and instead of honoring the members who are no longer with us they would rather pay tribute to someone who did nothing to contribute in the band's 50 plus years. The fact that some fans see nothing wrong with that is head scratching to me but I guess some people just love the band and will overlook anything as long as SN is there.

I agree also with the comments about the vocals . SN and CM are too old and their voices are pretty well shot. Time to retire.


If this was truly to be their last tour and an homage to legacy, it should have been an homage to their OWN legacy as a band.... pics on the big screen of various incarnations of the band. It seems like they did try some PG songs and BW songs (didn't I see vids of Neil singing Hypnotized?) but dropped it. Stevie's all about the money, and that's partly because she's been groomed that way over decades by her management. I recall LB saying that when Irving took over managing him his only focus was on how many seats didn't get sold on tours (not that a manager shouldn't worry about that on behalf of an artist, but it shouldn't be the only thing, either.) As much as Stevie goes on and on about no one being the boss of her but her, and her mom teaching her to be the boss blah blah blah in reality she's handed over decision making about her career to a series of men (women, not so much because, well, they're women. But she's a feminist!) who really didn't get who she was but just saw her as a cash cow. And she's leaned well into that. the only person who ever pushed back on her about that was LB. Hence, he was the problem. And now that her team is running the band, it's more of the same.... whatever sells, however bogus.
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