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Originally Posted by Storms123 View Post
Maybe they could recruit "Twisted Gypsy". Honestly I could see Stevie bailing after this. The whole premise of this tour was "She doesn't need them, they need her" She did suffer some reputational damage her, more than the rest. Per Mike (aka Lindsey 5.0) she's about to embark on a super long tour. Once the rescheduled gigs are done, FM is out of her mindset.
oh but doncha know they just need to not see each other for 3 years and then it'll be great for them to come back together!

The question is, while Stevie is out on the solo road, what does Christine who, by Mick's description, is the one most eager for work and asking "what's next, what's next?" do for all that time? She's already in her mid 70s. By the time Stevie rolls back into town Chris will be THISCLOSE to 80

Is she just gonna sit around and wait? Do her own solo tour?

Play Mick's restaurant in Maui?

Call Lindsey for another album?

Record with Neil??

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