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There was a great post in the Fleetwood Mac news and reviews Facebook page before they were deleted and the person was spot on. They were referencing the comments about this being a new band and such and responding that the 88- 95 era produced no big hit albums and or songs that became set list staples etc and that in the end this current lineup would end up crashing and burning just like that era from 88 -95 ended up doing. All they have done with this current tour is sell a decent amount of tickets (Just like they did in 87, 90) and that's about it. No new music but allot of shameless interviews throwing Lindsey under the bus time and again when he was the one who saved them many times from being a joke. They used him for years for their success and now that they don't need him they just toss him aside like trash. I just love Mick's comment about being Lindsey being more respectful of his music in FM.

If anyone should be respectful of FM it should be him. He had turned FM into a sad pathetic lounge act more than once and the brand is tarnished. I don't care how many tickets you sell on a tour. The fact that for the past 15+ years FM has been largely a nostalgia act resting on the past vs making new music is something that real fans don't take lightly. I truly wonder what he's gonna do when after this tour he is broke again and needs more money?
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