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I don't have a problem with anyone standing especially if you are on the floor in the first 20 rows. I have seen people yell to sit down in that area and it confuse me why someone would buy tickets so close and expect to sit down the entire time.
I sort of lose this philosophy the further back you go. If you are standing up good for you but you are blocking the view of short people, disabled people and people who expected to sit far away and enjoy the show.
My peeve lately is a generational thing about food at concerts. When I saw Buck/McVie, I was nauseous from the smells of hot dogs, that fake cheese nachos, popcorn, and various other food items. I sat and watched giant cardboard trays of food brought to their seats. WTF. Are you there to eat or watch a concert. They were talking about this on Stern the other day "Grazing." Its also happening at work in offices. People bring in food or bowls of candy or other things and people graze all day eating. Seriously, we cant watch a concert or work anymore without stuffing our face with food constantly?
Ok my biggest peeve is the phones. The constant selfies and texting during the show is so freaking annoying. People watching the concert through there camera phones is annoying to me.
I don't always agree with Bill but I agree with him on this instance.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how
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