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Originally Posted by BlanketMan View Post
O'Reilly acts like this is some new phenomenon. I've heard the "sit or stand" debate since my first concert experience back in the early 1980s. There's no right or wrong answer, IMO, but I do try to be courteous of those around me. I'm not a "stand all night" or "sit all night" kind of concert-goer, but I don't complain if those in front of me stand, and I have to, also. It's just how it is...
Yeah, its always a play it by ear situation. I always buy tickets within the first 5 rows to any Mac related show so it usually isn't a problem. My rule is if the ppl directly behind me are sitting, i'll sit too.

Actually at the LB show in Concord, NH the stress with the sitting and standing was so stressful, I actually left my 4th row seat and stood at the back of the theater just so I could move around. It was awful.
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