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Default MY GO...

I'm mainly gonna stick to the basics here:

White Album: Warm Ways "Yoooooouuu made me a woman tonight" oh please...

And for the record, I'm one of the ones who actually likes "Sugar Daddy".

Rumours: Oh Daddy (what's with Chris and the Daddy imagery?)

Tusk: I actually have to go with Tusk on this one! I can't believe so many people don't like "I Know I'm Not Wrong"

Live: Tough, but I actually don't really like this version of Landslide. I've got a couple concerts from 1977 or so I like a lot better

Mirage: Empire State

Tango: Little Lies is such an insipid little tune (Now they're throwing things at me, Hawkeye)

Behind thew Mask: Whew..I think the only thing I DO like is Freedom, but I never listen to this album.

The Dance: me cruel, by I was really disappointed with Rhiannon. I know... I know we can't expect Stevie to do that nutzo thing for 30 years, but then maybe change how they do the song (a la Big Love or even Say You Love Me). This song has just become a shadow of itself and it makes me sad. Maybe it's time to drop it, even. (Now they're not even THINKING about you, Hawkeye!


Bella Donna: Kind of Woman
WIld Heart: either I Will Run to You or Nightbird
Rock A Little: Some Become Strangers and Talk to Me
TOSOTM: Cry Wolf
Timespace: Women shouldn't associate with (let alone record songs by) men with bigger hair than them. 'Nuff said
Street Angel: everything but Rose Garden
TISL: Bombay Sapphires


L&O: It Was I
Go Insane: Slow Dancing
OOTC: Say We'll Meet Again

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