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Here's my list. I added a few more albums.

Future Games-Lay It All Down

Bare Trees-It's not a song, but the poem at the end.

Penguin-I'm a Road Runner & The Derelict.

Mystery To Me-The City

Heroes Are Hard To Find-Angel

Fleetwood Mac White Album-World Turning.

Rumours-I Don't Want To Know

Tusk-Honey Hi

Live-The Farmer's Daughter

Mirage-Empire State

Tango In The Night-Family Man

Greatest Hits-No Questions Asked

Behind The Mask-Freedom & The Second Time

The Chain Box Set-Teen Beat

Time-All of them except Christine's 5 songs

The Dance-Sweet Girl

Christine McVie-I'm The One

Buckingham/Nicks-Races Are Run

Law and Order-That's How We Do It In L.A.

Go Insane-Play In The Rain

Out of the Cradle-This Is The Time

Gift Of Screws-Wear You Down(Steve's Riff)

Bella Donna-How Still My Love

The Wild Heart-Sable On Blonde

Rock A Little-Sister Honey

The Other Side Of The Mirror-Ghosts

Timespace-Desert Angel

Street Angel-Docklands

Enchanted Box Set-One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star

Trouble In Shangri-La-Candlebright

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