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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Its really hard to believe that a performance as magical as this was recorded 2 weeks before asking Lindsey and Stevie to join.
I've heard 2 versions from Mick that he heard Frozen Love before Bob left and then immediately after Bob left. Either way, December 1974 was an incredible month for the band.
Yes it is incredible. The Heroes lineup sounds VERY tight and expert here. Bob Welch gave a lot right up to the end.

In the middle of the Heroes tour, Mick visited a few studios for the follow-up album. At the time, there was all expectation that the foursome would continue on as such. He heard BN's album ("Frozen Love" in particular), met Lindsey, saw Stevie through a glass partition--and that was that.

Then, when Bob Welch quit, he remembered...

Bob has said (in one of his 2 ledge QAs) that Mick and John tried to talk him out of leaving and, at one time, entertained the idea of Lindsey, Stevie, joining alongside Bob. I don't know the veracity of this, since Bob is the only one to have said it, but I do believe Welch when he said the remaining trio panicked when he quit. "They were very worried about their careers" he said.
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