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Originally Posted by Chrislit18 View Post
I would be shocked if he didn't like In the Back of My Mind. It sounds like a distant cousin of Tusk...
I'd be shocked if he did. My hunch is that he considered it (if he heard it at all) ponderous & art-rocky. But we could always ask him about it for the next YouTube Ask Lindsey!

I like the songs that were put on 25 years The Chain, and Skies the Limit.
The rest is just...bleh to me.
Stand on the Rock is the biggest 'wtf' moment for me...
I just don't like Rick and Billy though.
Yes, STAND ON THE ROCK is cheap cock-rock. It's designed for people who order chili dogs at the monster truck rally, except that they'd probably rather hear Bon Jovi or Whitesnake. When Ratt writes a catchier hook (ROUND & ROUND) than Fleetwood Mac, trouble is afoot.
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