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I'm with sisternightroad- I'm a fan of FM, especially the Rumours line up and the Behind the Mask lineup. But I'm a fan of Stevie, a fan of Christine, and to a lesser degree, a fan of Lindsey, too. And when I say fan, I mean of their work. Stevie has the advantage here, as she's been the most prolific of the three. My thought has always been, when/if a member has success as a solo artist, it keeps the name Fleetwood Mac in the public eye, which is a good thing. Virtually every review of Stevie's latest album and tour starts off with "Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks..." and the same thing goes for Lindsey and Christine. Her current tour is such a success, she (and the Pretenders, of course) have added 20 more cities, and to me, that bodes well for FM when they do release an album or go back on the road again.
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