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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
That's an excerpt from Lindsey's remarks at the recent event when he addressed his split from FM for the first time.

He is saying that the split from FM has a positive aspect, in that it opens up opportunities for him. Without the demands of a long "greatest hits" tour -- and the demands of a certain bandmate -- he is free to become his true creative self. The greatest hits album and the new solo album are just the start. Hopefully there will be a solo tour later this year, and more recording much sooner than there would be if he had to negotiate a timeline with that narcissist and her toadies.

The only downside to the split, in Lindsey's own words, is that it tarnishes the band's legacy, which is a concern for the future. By phrasing his statement this way, he makes it clear that this split is not hurting him in the here and now; in fact, it opens doors for him. Rather than groveling in misery or hurling insults, he is making the best of it and moving on, which is what a mature person does in a situation like this.
Absolutely! It's the most positive thing to come out of all this crap that went down with FM. Lindsey is free to create new music in his own time and space. I'm sure that will make him happy. He won't be tied down playing the same old stale set lists that FM does. I would even like him to start working with other artists on projects. Maybe even join another band! Wouldn't that be a riot!!!!
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