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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
That's an excerpt from Lindsey's remarks at the recent event when he addressed his split from FM for the first time.

He is saying that the split from FM has a positive aspect, in that it opens up opportunities for him. Without the demands of a long "greatest hits" tour -- and the demands of a certain bandmate -- he is free to become his true creative self. The greatest hits album and the new solo album are just the start. Hopefully there will be a solo tour later this year, and more recording much sooner than there would be if he had to negotiate a timeline with that narcissist and her toadies.
yes! when i heard him saying that sentence "the rest of it becomes an opportunity" and the way he said it, in a kinda self-understandable / duh way, it lifted all that fog and worry that's been around since early february for me! he sees it as an opportunity! i was hoping he would, but i was just too worried about the stuff such as any legal wranglings he might be involved with FM, promoters, management and things like:

Originally Posted by ryan4136 View Post
With that said he has always used FM as his leverage with record labels. Will that be an issue going forward? Time will tell.

If he has 50 new songs ready to go, does he have a distribution ability to get them out.

I don't think he cares if he only sells 50,000 copies at this point in his life, but the record companies sure do.
i'm not worried about distribution, he did Seeds on his own label and found the ways to distribute the album in different formats, as well as live recording of the concert. i would in fact love for him to be on his own and free to do whatever he wants. i was more worried that his current label has a contract that will have him tied down while they won't wanna release what he'd like them to. also, was worried he'll just close himself in the studio for years as he's done in the past when younger. luckily, he seems to have completely turned the page on that too!

so "the rest of it becomes an opportunity" along with him telling fans who were there that Best Of and the fall tour are in the works was definitely a huge optimistic positive coming out of that fundraiser!

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"

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