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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
She wouldn't have enjoyed BuckVie. Lindsey and Christine vibes and having fun. Being told not to put vibrato on every damn harmony so it's consistent. Not being the boss.
She's a meglomaniac. She needs and craves attention. Especially with FM. It's ground zero for her. And the fact that they did an album and tour without her, drove her insane. It fueled the power struggle to the point of her pushing him out. He got his way without her. Album, tour and Christine. Check to the Checkmate in a cesspool of a toxic relationship that's been fake for many many years.
It's amazing how she was inducted in the Hall of Fame of Cleveland OH I think for her solo career visuals, maybe not the music, and at the induction Lindsey was in the video montage, as well as Crying in the Night, Lindsey's guitar opening of Rhiannon. She mentioned Lindsey by name in her speech and not Waddy or FM bandmates.
Dave Grohl introduced her as Lindsey Buckingham's girl at the Sound City Player shows. I thought Lindsey was useless and she did everything with no help from him?
Why does she bring him up so much?
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