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TheWildheart, I still dig Stevie Nicks as well. And I think she NAILS Black Magic Woman on the latest Fleetwood Mac outing. I am not happy about all the firing/lawsuits/misery either. Yet I will see Fleetwood Mac in it's latest incarnation. And I will see Lindsey solo. I will see Stevie solo. I don't know if those two can ever meet up again- yet stranger things have happened.

You hang around long enough, you'll see all kinds of things that seemed impossible. Here's one: People here swore Christine was NEVER coming back and used to badger people on The Ledge for daring to bring the matter up. (You know who you are, badgers!)

But I would see Stevie in a house, I would see Stevie with a mouse. I would see her here or there - I would see her anywhere. I would see her on a boat, I would see her- she's the GOAT! (Greatest of All Time?) I know that's over the top, but I will vote for her to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just like others, too.
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