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Forgive me. I don't mean to imply that all childless women are jealous of people with children. I'll probably be one of those women myself. I just mean to say that Stevie has some deep rooted feelings about Lindsey.
Stevie and Lindsey both have deep rooted feelings for each other.
I don't think it's "in love" though.
I think it's a result of breaking up over 40 years ago and being forced to work and tour together the past few decades.
Neither ever had a chance to have proper closure.
I can't imagine having a massive break-up, and having to see and work with this person every day.
In real life, you break-up and if it's a nasty break-up, you avoid that person and move-on..
In their case, they were in the position of being in one of the biggest rock bands, so it wasn't really possible to "move-on."
Lindsey eventually married and had kids, but he's always had resentment towards Stevie and vice versa.
I really don't think Stevie is jealous of not ever having children though.
She isn't the mother type.
Not all women or men feel like their lives are not whole without children.
I knew from the time I was a teen, I wasn't going to be a father, and never had the urge to have one, adopt one etc
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