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Originally Posted by Wendy Welch View Post
he always said that Paris was his best work and before its time, not a copy of Led Zeplin.
Page 73 (hardback 1st edition) of Bob Brunning's FM book "Behind The Masks" has a quote from Bob Welch when interviewed by Bob Brunning saying: "I wanted to do something very much along the lines of Led Zeppelin, something a little more 'hard rockish'. Zeppelin were becoming huge in the States. I wanted to do that more hard-edged thing but John, Mick and Chris hated that kind of thing. In 1974 it was fresh and they thought it was just a load of crap. I suppose there was validity to that. Led Zeppelin were very brash and raucous."

So I see both sides of this, not trying to cause dissension in the ranks, just pointing out what he said (unless it's felt he was misquoted) and really it's just the 1st album were talking about here as Big Towne 2061 was certainly a change in style from the 1st album, both great albums I'm sure most of us here agree on this.


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