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Default Bob Welch's view of Paris

Paris was Bob's baby and there was no band he was prouder of. Michelej1 you couldn't be more wrong about any supposed emails or interviews. He loved that band and the hard rock sound. In fact, he always said that Paris was his best work and before its time, not a copy of Led Zeplin.

It also was definitely not the same as his works after that. French Kiss was very calculated by him to have hits, where Paris was a hard rock love affair for him. You should go to Bob and listen to his cover of "Hot for Teacher" which is Bob's guitar playing like nobody has ever heard on his albums that have been released.

In fact, my personal favorite Bob Welch song was "Black Book" from Paris, which several bands have wanted to rerecord today. Also the Paris albums have a huge cult following from the young. I know because I am getting paid for it, and the first Paris album has been re-released on CD in the past 2 years and is available.

BOB loved his work on Paris. I appreciate your appreciation of the album, but I must also correct you in another area. The band broke up because Hunt Sales got Bells Palsy, which kind of ended the three piece. Also, Capitol records decided they wanted to promote Bob as a solo act instead of a group. That's when he decided to write hit singles and went to town.

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