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Default Bob Welch and Paris

Digging in the Crates [click for photos and video links]

Posted on February 20, 2014 by cornerrecordskzoo
As promised, our new web series continues!

We’ve always found that the most interesting people to talk music with are the ones that readily admit to not knowing everything. The catalog of recorded music is so incomprehensibly vast that one could spend their whole life listening to new music and never really scratch the surface. It’s exciting to think about how much cool stuff is out there! And much of it for one reason or another has been lost in time. You never know what will end up in yr local record store.

For today’s post, we’re taking a look at the band Paris.

We’ve seen these LPs in the shop from time to time. Always thought the art was kinda cool but never took the time to spin them. Recently, we finally took the plunge. Dropped the needle halfway through the first track and was a little unimpressed. Kinda standard 70s rock. Skipped to the second track. More of the same. Kinda sounds like Led Zeppelin. Almost moved on to another record but decided to try a little later in track two. WHOA! What is going on here?! All of sudden the headphones are filled with a wall of Psychedelic guitar wails, bombastic drums and layers of studio trickery. Next track is some weirdo spazzy keyboard licks and the next is a HEAVY blues riff that could have been lifted straight from Black Sabbath or Blue Cheer. Time to do some research!

Turns out those wailing guitar sounds are from Robert aka Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac! Not what we expected at all! Bob was brought into the group to replace Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer in 1971. He is reported to have been a major reason for the band’s shift into soft rock territory. In 1974 he left Fleetwood Mac and was replaced by Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. Apparently Bob got burned out on the pop tunes and needed to get some rockin’ out of his system. In 1975 Paris was born. Original lineup featured ex-Jethro Tull bassist Glenn Cornick and drummer Thom Mooney. The band only put out two records in 1976 and then disbanded shortly after that due to lack of money and interest. Second record featured Hunt Sales on drums (he recorded Lust For Life the year after with Iggy Pop).

According to interviews, Bob Welch has since dismissed the Paris recordings and does not look favorably upon them. We however think it’s maybe the best thing he ever did (subsequent solo albums are not our bag).

These records rule! Sure, they’re a little dated sounding at times and a few obvious influences tend to shine through. But there are some excellent moments of pure Heavy Psych greatness!

Both these LPs are currently sitting in our band new Psych/Experimental vinyl section. (located in-between Punk and Metal) If you like the tracks, come grab ‘em! And while yr here maybe dig around and find a few hidden gems for yrself!
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