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Yeah, as Angel69 said, I saw 'em back then...I don't know exactly how many times, since the era from 1975-78 kind of all blended together...probably 30+ times in that era. To me, they never seemed to actually end one tour and begin another...they seemed to still be doing the occasional show here & there in midst of recording Rumours. I remember a show at the Universal Amphitheatre in June 1976 where they debuted "You Make Loving Fun", they'd been playing "Go Your Own Way" since November of 1975.

I always liked when they'd toss in a "golden oldie" in May '76 when they played at UC Santa Barbara (where they filmed the outdoor live portions of the "Rosebud" video) and opened with "Sunny Side Of Heaven". Or, when they opened for Dave Mason at the Forum in late '75 and played "Rattlesnake Shake" as their closing song (yes, with Lindsey singing!) Or, in March 1977 when they dropped "Spare Me A Little" and played "Believe Me" instead...then shocked us all with Danny K's "Tell Me All The Things You Do" for the encore. All through that time, they still played "Station Man", "Oh Well", "Green Manalishi", & "Why", too.

To me the best and worst stretch of shows they did in that time was in August 1977 at the GW Forum in LA. Best: they were tight and of the all-time best "Rhiannon"s was from that stretch. The "worst" part was 1) they'd dropped all pre-75 tunes except for "Oh Well" and 2) after seeing them 3 nights in a row during that Forum stand, they played the exact same set, said the exact same things at the exact same point in the show. It was like watching a videotape of that first night. That was a first for me...prior to that, they'd rotate songs in & out of the set, even though they'd play pretty much the same basic songs, but in a different order (except for about the first 4 and last 3)
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