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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
Snowflake alert...

How typical. For years, Lindsey was targeted by the Stevie fans, who blamed him for everything. They would always get their digs in and make fun of him. Now their queen has exposed herself, and she is getting targeted.

Fake outrage to shut people up. No rules were broken. You just don't want to hear opinions that aren't like yours.

As has been said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing displeasure at band members and having disagreements. If you want to target Stevie that's up to you. However there is a line to be drawn regarding what is or is not acceptable. Espousing burning Stevie is unacceptable in my view. You may not actually mean that you would like to see her burned to death but that is essentially what you are suggesting. It is a crime to advocate murdering somebody so I'd say rules are being broken.
All this because she's decided she doesn't wish to record an album with your favourite band. Put things into some context- if her actions are enough to solicit such feelings in you then that's really quite disturbing- perhaps some inward reflection is warranted. As is always the case, its easy to sit there at your computer and type sh!t you'd never say directly to somebody in person.

By the way, I'm not familiar with the term 'snowflake'. It does however feel as if it has implied homophobic undertones. Perhaps I'm taking it in the wrong way though.

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