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Originally Posted by javier
But even though I own the studio and live recordings I still need to get permission from my colleagues to commercially release this. I intend to go that route. IT will take a little time because S&L are very busy people. However, that's the road I must take. I am a principled person.
Javier, I won't question your principles or motives. I am curious, however, as to why you have to get permission from your colleagues to post complete song files but not snippets. I would think if permission were required for one, it would be required for the other.

Should I just give it all away? Well, I can at least give away some of it, but not all.
This is a choice and I respect the choice. But now you're saying I. So it is your decision to make then, right? So why do you need permission to post a couple of complete song files?
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