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Originally Posted by bjk3047
I'm sorry, but all you're doing is making completely nonspecific comments. If indeed Javier has 'unknown' elements to his 'situation', he's got a forum to voice it. We're forming quite reasonable and structured arguments. You're just saying 'Well, you could be wrong. I know nothing about anything, but you could be wrong.'
It's a bit unnerving.

Umm, I think you need to back up in the thread. My comments were made in reference to David's comments about fans withholding music from other fans. I was not and have not been talking about Javier and the tracks he is now posting on the Penguin.

By the same token and since you brought it up, I don't know anything about Javier's situation and yes, for all any of us know he might have reasons why he is doing things the way he is, or this is simply his choice to handle it the way he has been. I don't feel Javier has to voice anything in this forum or any other. He owns the tracks and the songs and they're his to do with as he likes.
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