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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
Honestly, as happy as I was about the Buckingham McVie project coming to fruition instead of being shelved for eternity, I knew it meant world war 3 was just declared. There would be immense payback, it was just a matter of when and how. I distinctly remember the odd feeling while reading the press release for the project of having a sense of pure excitement while absolutely cringing for what this meant for the rest of the band, more specifically Lindsey and Stevie. Anyone who had been following the events of this band for the prior 5 years or so would be able to guess that this wasn't going to go down well.

It's OK for the members of the band minus Stevie to start on a project, woo her to be part of it...but the unspoken rule was that none of it would be released unless she chose to participate. In her eyes, I think she saw it as an ultimate betrayal that 4/5ths of the band released something without her, even though it was her choice. NOT calling it a Fleetwood Mac record wasn't enough.

The whole scenario is a prime example of the dynamic shift that occurred with the return of Christine. Before her return, Stevie had a ton of leverage to axe projects. Suddenly with Lindsey having an ally in the band (Christine) Stevie could now be somewhat outnumbered in her axiom of power. Really, the return of Christine was a threat to her in a lot of ways. She even passively-aggressively bemoaned having to do ANOTHER fleetwood mac tour right after the 2013 tour wrapped up.

And all of this really made the narrative of Lindsey holding up the band from moving forward absolutely hysterical. However, casual fans or folks who didn't know better took the bait without a problem.

You hit it on the nail!
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