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Originally Posted by elle View Post
that's really good to hear.

because i've never seen Lindsey so tense as at BuckVie shows, and i have a pretty good frame of reference - all together i've seen him at over 50 solo, Mac and Buckvie shows. at BuckVie, he shouldered it all and made sure she sounds good and is comfortable, and that show gels well. he did get more relaxed as the tour went on. no wonder he cried at the end of their last show of the tour.
Its funny you say that. I never noticed anything for Buck/Vie but did so on his last solo tour. I was front row and Lindsey played as if he was a new comer trying to make it in the business. I would not call it nervous but just so into going way overboard performing and really feeding off the audience. Like I said, you would have thought it was his first big gig or something. Gave it all to almost exhaustion.

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