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Originally Posted by Villavic View Post
This is what Mick wrote in his first book about the New Zealand episode. No throwing guitar is mentioned but he did mention "kick". Well, is it reliable? I don't know. At the 2014 Meet and Greet in NJ, Mick admited it wasn't the best of his time when he wrote that book. He hinted that he didn't use to be enough sober those days, or something like that. But sure something did happen that night:

In mid-March we flew off to New Zealand to play in front of sixty thousand fans in Auckland. The show also went out live over the radio to the rest of the country. By then, the exhaustion of constant travel began to set in, and we were all pretty brainfried. Lindsey hit the old scotch bottle a little too hard before the concert, and halfway through the performance he snapped like a guitar string tuned ten octaves too high.
First I noticed that he was playing out of tune. Then he started to clown around and mimic Stevie while she was dancing around the stage. Then, while she was hunched over, upstage of Lindsey, during her "Rhiannon" performance, he stopped playing and pulled his jacket over his head in a grotesque imitation of her pose. At that point he lost all control, playing anything except "Rhiannon," laughing like a madman. Then he started to kick Stevie while she was trying to salvage the number. Sixty thousand people were watching! Lindsey would flick his foot at her and Stevie would shy away, trying to cover up his stoned-out behavior to save us all from dying of embarrassment. The rest of the band could only look at each other in disbelief.

The show finally over, we stumbled into the stadium's rugby changing rooms, where we were dressing. There would be no encore that night:
we were all freaked out. I could hear the crowd screaming for more as Christine McVie stormed into the room, utterly hell-bent, and made straight for Mr. Buckingham, who was slumped miserably on a bench. Lindsey stood up, and Chris smacked him crack! right in the face. Then she threw her drink at him for good measure. "Don't you ever do this to this band again," she shouted. "Ever! Is that clear?" Then she stormed out again.
exactly, and this is a FAR cry from the story that it has morphed into. She did recently say something about when he wanted to make her mad he would mimic her.
Someone is exaggerating/mis remembering something.......
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